The first skin cream that gives you wrinkles

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This breast-cancer awareness campaign from Colenso BBDO in New Zealand won a gold Lion at this years Cannes. It is build on the insight that about 50 percent of breast cancers are detected outside mammogram screening. So if women would use a skin cream on their breasts they would be much more likely to detect lumps while applying it. The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation partnered with natural beauty products brand Skinfood to launch just that—Breast Cream, an entirely new moisturizer.

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This campaign combines clever product development with a wonderful print ad to memorably break through, and even change behavior in an unexpected and attention grabbing way. It positions Breast Cream as the first skin cream that gives you wrinkles — because, of course, using it might well allow you to live a much longer life.

 Found at adweek.

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