Grey is the new black - why older women are the new It-Girls of fashion

8:05 AM

Iris Apfel (93), Joan Didion (80) or Twiggy (65) are one of the latest Fashion It-Girls. Some of the most prestigious fashion brands like Kate Spade, Céline, Louis Vuitton or L'Oréal have realized the potential of the silver society and are successfully promoting their collection with 60+ models.

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Instead of alienating younger customers; the new-old It-Girls are in vogue among the young. Putting older women in the center of fashion’s attention is the latest trend of promoting the lifestyle of women being comfortable in their skin. In this way big fashion labels don’t loose any market shares but are gaining potential customers. In an ageing society women of 60+ embody a demography, that unlike the millennials has much higher buyer ability. And after all – true beauty is timeless, right?

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