Belong Anywhere!

7:01 AM

Over the years, Airbnb has build itself from a micro website of renting strangers rooms into a platform that promises you more than just a couch to crash on. It has been able to build a platform that connects people who are passionate about exploring as much as about sharing! This visionary pursuit rooted in the concept of belonging, has enabled Airbnb to strategically resonate with people while at the same time create storytelling that never gets outdated. 

In their latest film they have created a massive, handmade, in-motion video, which tells the anecdote of a girl visiting Paris through the eyes of a local. 

SelectNY likes because:

As humans we tend to create visions about almost anything - how the world works, how cities are built, and how our next trip will look like. But this is partially true, because to be able to ‘live the moment’ we must be truly open to the possibilities that lay around us. 

And as aspirational as it may sound, through storytelling, Airbnb has been able to give people the sense of 'belonging anywhere.' And this is what I like about their positioning. While belonging is a universal truth that will stand the test of time, their creative will always excite you through showing different aspects of a city.

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