Fitness is the new fashion

6:32 AM

There has been a massive influx of fitness brands and fashionable fitness shops in the last few years in the U.S. And while it is happening everywhere, LA is at the heart of it. “Athleisure has long defined the LA woman’s uniform, dating back to 2001 when Madonna helped put the Juicy Couture’s fitted track suits on the map as street wear, and today is an integral part of wardrobes from coast to coast.” And recently, with the success of Lululemon, a brand that changed how we view and wear “yoga” apparel, it seems that many other brands are jumping on the band wagon to provide stylish and versatile fitness wear solutions. Even Kate Hudson’s line, Fabletics, a collaboration between her and JustFab Inc, is now moving from the online-only model to launching six brick and mortar destinations. Americans have been going more and more casual over the years so it seems to me that instead of trying to reignite a more formal dress code, we are simply formalizing our casual wear! 

SelectNY likes because:

I work in the LA office of Select where we look at fashion and beauty through the lense of the west coast. Whereas in Paris and New York, where fashion is about couture houses and fashion week, LA’s fashion is much more lifestyle-based. The lifestyle is that of health, wellness and outdoor activities meets the entertainment industry. It is the home of denim, the roots of the organic juicing craze and the center of hollywood. So, I like this article because it validates the trends I see in LA and how that is virally moving to the rest of the United States! I walked the Project / Magic trade show last month and my single largest observation was that every single brand had the most space in the booths for their fitness lines. My favorite was Cynthia Rowley who is known for colorful dresses and is now launching a fitness line along with Tory Burch and pretty much everyone else. The only question I am really thinking now is…….will it actually help me to work out more? A girl can hope!

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