Welcome to the future Marty!

9:06 AM

Everybody is talking about the movie from 1989 today, on the 21st of October 2015. In the movie "back to the future", Doc Brown travels to the future and learns from the newspaper (USA Today) that Marty McFly's future son will be jailed on Oct. 22 in 2015. When Doc Brown and Marty McFly go back to Oct. 21 and change the course of future events. 
The USA Today's real paper will be wrapped in a fake cover- the one shown in the 1989 movie. 
The German daily TV news released a back to the future special with the news from the USA Today with news like "Queen Diana visits Washington". 

SelectNY likes because: 

 Everybody, who watched the movie thought about in the far far future and what the world would be like in 2015. We thought we would use time-travel machines, hoverboards and power-lacing sneakers.
This movie had some great product placements, which are a big chance to have fun with branded content. Brands like Pepsi, Nike, Toyota and of course USA Today were featured in the movie to make a fictionalized product a reality.

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