The Burberry Scarf Bar

7:40 AM

Burberry recently launched a new feature both online and in-store where consumers can completely customize their own Burberry Scarf, from colors to a personalized monogram. 

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Ever wondered what goes into a Burberry Scarf? Woven on a traditional loom in Scotland, brushed by natural teasels, washed in fresh Scottish waters, hand-finished and hand-checked - the process of making a Burberry scarf is truly more complex than anyone can think of. The "Introducing the Burberry Scarf Bar" ad gives the viewer a better appreciation for Burberry as a luxury brand because of the careful care and hard work they put into each and every (customized) scarf. At the present time, a lot of people seem to be materialistic when it comes to buying more luxurious items from luxury brands, when really it is important to pay attention to how the products are made and how labor and environment are involved to understand what the items are actually worth. Burberry has done something true to its brand heritage while accepting and integrating new consumer needs (f.e. personalized premium products) and advertising advancements.

Find out more about The Burberry Scarf Bar on Adweek and the Official Burberry Website.

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