Vegan Hair Care - tested on films stars, not animals

3:01 AM

London- and Los Angeles-based Smith put her decades of experience doing hair on set for films like Quention Tarantion’s Grindhouse and Sex and the City, and for clients like Demi Moore and Rosario Dawson, to develop the products, which are made with vegan, mostly natural ingredients.
Smith says she saw that happening, even as interest in cleaner products grew, and wanted something that could meet the high standards she was forced to work with. “All the actors and artists wanted more natural products, but I had to have it perform,” she explains.
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Vegan cosmetics is on the rise, but hair care was lacking behind. With a great positioning based on her own experience working with celebrities, this is a total new but quirky brand that could at least become a jewel in the hair care category.

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