Under my Umbrella-ella

6:54 AM

Research suggests that gen-Ys are prone to turn to their close friends for help in all areas of their lives. As they approach adulthood, they are taking unconventional directions as they navigate the future in their own terms. This is a huge shift that is happening compared to previous generations, where topics such finance and relationships were less likely to be discussed between peers. Facebook, the biggest social network on the planet, produced a project relevant to this shift with its videos that allow users to celebrate our friendships and the differences each of them make in our lives, regardless of how small the impact.

SelectNY likes because:

GenY's are transforming previous cultural norms by being apt to delay marriage or even opt out of it entirely, with each individual pursuing one’s own path. That corner kale salad bar you just discovered? Share. The community group in the mission to save the dying whales? Like. For gen-Ys, sharing little personal discoveries with close friends has become a way to construct the new ‘family.’ And this is what makes this ad so special. Facebook enables us to connect and share everyday, be that in the form a like, comment, or message on our walls! Oh, and isn’t the music in the background a coincidence?!

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