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dubai-design-week aldana-ferrer-garcia-more-sky-global-grad-show

dubai-design-week aldana-ferrer-garcia-more-sky-global-grad-show

Hailing from new york’s prestigious pratt institute, argentinian architect Aldana Ferrer Gracia exhibits her thesis project ‘more sky’, an experiment in expanding and rethinking the limits of assumed architectural space. Her idea was to provide a healthier and more comfortable living exerience for inhabitants of urban areas. The project 'more sky' is a replacement window system that reconnects city dwellers with natural elements.

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Aldana Ferrer Garcia rethinked the whole value of usual windows. She wanted a window with essencial acces to light, nature and air. The module creates a tempoary sunroom and a space to relax, read and meditate.

Find out more about Aldana Ferrer Garcia and the Pratt institute at aldana ferrer garcia or

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