Burberry's bold move: a consumer-facing fashion week format

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The fashion calendar seems increasingly confusing, especially when it comes to fashion week. Why would you want to show the newest collections in February and September, but won’t launch the collection for another six months? It’s no big secret that fast fashion brands like Zara and H&M use the spare time between fashion shows and launches to copy the biggest trends and introduce the popular pieces before the much more expensive designer originals are even for sale.
Finally, Burberry is about to change the outdated fashion calendar (that seems to be from another era), by putting together seasonless menswear and womenswear collections in two shows instead of four: a February collection and a September collection.

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What makes Burberry’s adjustments particularly exceptional is that the brand will make the presented collections available for sale, both in-store and online, right after the fashion show (the ad campaigns will be debuting shortly after).
Burberry is one step closer to building a true connection between the experience they create around their runway shows and the physical customer experience in stores. With livestreams, direct runway orders, and social media campaigns in the last year, Burberry started to pursue a direction (in a world that has become more and more immediate) that is leading to a shift in the fashion landscape. As for now, Burberry is creating a consumer-facing fashion week format for a global audience that wants nothing more than reworked traditions and a fashion industry that brings the newest collections to them as fast as possible.
Consumers talked, Burberry acted. And the rest of the fashion industry should follow soon.

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