Beckett Simonon : A radical business model to meet radical prices

5:49 PM

This Colombian brand has been redesigning leather classics since 2012 with a very simple objective. "We believe that beautiful, ethically handmade products shouldn’t cost a fortune, period." says Andres Niño, one of the co-founders. 

The brand rolled out a new business model last month, alongside their first women clothes. A new Kickstarter-like campaign starts on the first of each month featuring only a few products. It's pre-order only with the products being at their cheapest during the first 15 days to encourage early purchases. When the month ends the manufacturing starts, and the leather goods are chipped as soon as they're ready.

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In order to achieve those very competitive prices Beckett Simonon cut out some interesting budgets. There's no marketing and no inventory. It's a direct to consumer brand and every product is made-to-order. In a world commonly dominated by fast fashion, it turns out consumers are ready to wait a few months and give up on a known label if the pricing is fair. This kind of success opens new horizons for luxury goods, and it's likely that the brand will stop limiting itself to leather goods and expand in the incoming months. 

From a consumer point of view, there's something exciting about discovering a new capsule collection every month. And last but not least, when a campaign ends, the products are not available anymore, giving that extra sense of exclusivity to the purchases.

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