Chanel pushing the gender boundaries

6:49 AM

Chanel has just launched its’ first ever male scent for women and we love it! Olivier Polge, Chanels new fragrance creator, is pushing the boundaries with this new fragrances while still staying true to the brands famous essence.Boy Chanel has launched exclusively in Chanel’s beauty boutique in the Marais neighborhood of Paris on march 24th, followed by a broader rollout in early June to 240 doors worldwide.  

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We must say we find it quite refreshing to see someone in the beauty industry bending the gender rules, especially in the ever traditional luxury fragrance category. Chanel is truly challenging itself and marking the start of a new era for the brand. Thus, showing that they are still the ground breaking and innovative brand they were born to be. The brand is proving that they can adapt with the times, which is a smart move in todays fast paced and ever evolving context.
This may even give them a little edge against the new bespoke fragrance brands that are popping up left and right these days.  

We’re looking forward to seeing the results. #pushingtheboundaries #breakingtherules

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