Change Destiny

2:46 PM

As part of the larger #ChangeDestiny activation, SK-II recently launched a video in China that honored the "leftover women," in other words unmarried women above the age of 25. It is absolutely heart-wrenching and I dare you to watch this without feeling a little tug in your heart. For non-Mandarin speakers, this video must be watched with subtitles.

#ChangeDestiny is the brand's new philosophy about empowering all kinds of women in more ways beyond skincare. This campaign about leftover women in China honors all these women for their success, intelligence, and capabilities to remove the extremely degrading label. I am so happy to see more brands hopping on the global female empowerment wave.
This is when advertising can truly make a difference: we as advertisers can sell a product while simultaneously selling an idea that challenges the way consumers think or typically associate with something like skincare and ultimately leave behind a new way of thinking in a positive way. And this, my friends, is ultimately the reason why I got into advertising - I truly believe advertising is the best platform to mobilize a group of people to buy into a kind of social revolution for positive change.

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