Alexa Meade's living paintings

6:46 AM

Alexa Meade takes an innovative approach to art. At first glance her paintings look like any other but she works on unusual canvases - in fact her paintings are actual people in 3D and in the real world. The main difference to her approach is to not paint portraits on canvas but directly on her subjects and often on top of the human body itself. By using this technique her 3D subjects and models appear like 2D acrylic paintings. She creates the illusion that real-life people are inside a painting. Some years ago she discovered the technique by accident and now she has exhibited her paintings in the worlds renowned galleries and travels the world creating live painting performances and art installations.

SelectWorldy likes because:

Alexa’s living paintings are incredibly inspiring. Sometimes it is not about traveling to new places or inventing new products and technologies – sometimes a new perspective opens a totally new world. Meade’s art is a good example of that.

Find out more on Alexa's website.

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