7 Rules for Luxury Brands to Leverage Instagram

2:52 AM

Instagram offers a wealth of opportunity for luxury brands, and a chance to step inside their world for the people who love them. Luxurysociety.com provides us with 7 rules luxury brands have to follow to be succesful:

1. Be Colourful, Be Consistent, Be Bold
2. Be Influential
3. Be Open & Invite Consumers Into Your World
4. Be Reactive, Be Polite
5. Be Different
6. Be Moderate, Don’t Overdo It
7. Be Organised

SelectWorldly likes because: 

Instagram is a great social media tool. But you have to know how to use it to be succesfull. Luxury Society provides is with some simple tips and tricks to interact best with potential followers and fans.

Find Luxury Societys seven rules in detail here.

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