We all know a Louise Delage

5:44 AM

A popular Parisian Instagram star has been revealed to be a hoax - the account was in fact created as part of a campaign to highlight awareness of alcoholism among younger people.

The Louise Delage account attracted over 12,000 followers and over 50,000 since its creation in August this year. The photos depicted her fun, glamorous lifestyle - and each photo included an alcoholic drink. After two months of posts, the account was revealed to be a fake profile set up by alcoholism organisation Addict Aide; to raise awareness among young people of how easy it is to ignore the addiction of someone close. French media were quick to cover the campaign, about which the underlying message is 'we all know a Louise Delage'.

Check it out for yourself here.

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By hiding in plain sight, the Louise Delage account expertly targets its unsuspecting audience of increasingly ad savvy young people. Having already liked, commented on and shared Louise's posts, the big reveal creates an immensely powerful message regarding young people and alcoholism.

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