Because the streets don’t smell like Armani

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If you’ve ever wondered how the streets of Moscow might smell like, you can now find the answer in a classical shaped flacon with a wooden cap. The talk is of the new fragrance by the designer Gosha Rubchinskiy and Adrian Joffe, president of the streetwear label “Comme des Garçons”. The scent was inspired by “the streets of Moscow” or what Rubchinskiy describes as “young people hanging together, skating together — concrete and skateboards.” 
According to Gosha, the streetwear market is flooded with clothes and accessories, yet has only few perfumes that are truly linked to the lifestyle. The fragrance will be an embodiment of the cult and will be released together with “The Perfume Book”, a visual and tangible support to explain the streetwear image.

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The Gosha Rubchinskiy perfume is a beautiful example of how to extend an idea by transforming the streetwear style from a tangible into an intangible experience. By promoting the product launch with "The Perfume Book" he revives the idea of transformation by making the scent visible.

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