Spike Jonze’s insane perfume ad for KENZO

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Finding a fragrance that perfectly reflects every facet of your personality can be a very difficult thing to do, especially when every perfume advertisement follows the same old patterns: mood lighting, beautiful people holding a perfume – slow motion sequences – desire – and some more beautiful people. But the commercial of KENZO’s new fragrance „KENZO World“, which is the first fragrance created by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, finally breaks with the old cliché and takes perfume commercials to a whole new level.

The short film is directed by Spike Jonze and stars Margaret Qualley, actress and dancer, who performs an outstanding and expressionist choreography which was inspired from the music video „Chandelier“ from Sia. The beginning scenes show a girl sitting quietly at a boring black-tie gala. After she manages to escape the boring event she starts to dance wildly, chest-thump, eye-roll, body-slam and otherwise flail her way around a glamorous venue. It comes at the end, when Qualley dives through a giant floral eyeball, an approximation of the perfume's packaging.

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Going out from tidy boring routines to create a new atmosphere makes this ad unique and catches attention. But this bold move from KENZO is more than breaking the rules. Breaking the rules gets most powerful when it’s not only about being different but about being yourself at the same time. Meaning: The crazy performance is not only different but fits to the brand and the type of women KENZO wants to address. In the clip Margaret Qualley takes nothing to join the crowd, she takes every thing to stand out. And that’s what the KENZO woman does. She is self-confident, free and strong. 

See the video here: KENZO World - The new fragrance.

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  1. Kenzo ad poses are really hilarious. That is clear that they are trying to catch the attention of the users through this unique ad and I think it Worked actually. Also the Kenzo perfume is really good perfume. I bought one from the local store named Buy Perfume in Bangladesh and had a refreshing experience.