Facebook Live Campaign puts Users at the Core

2:59 AM

Facebook launched a campaign to promote their Facebook Live broadcast. The ads, created by Facebook's in-house creative team The Factory, feature videos that were recorded by real Facebook users, all shot using Facebook Live on a phone, to capture the fun and spontaneity of the format. The campaign will be launched in two stages:
The first stage, is about awareness and will feature short vignettes of Facebook Live broadcasts running on TV and on Facebook as 15-second spots. These spots, along with some digital billboard creative, will begin with a 3-2-1 countdown.
The second phase of the campaign will be a tutorial phase that will focus on the education - showing people how to go Live, not just the results of going live.

SelectWorldly likes it because:

Putting user-generated content intot the center of the campaing makes it more real than a stylised picture perfect ad. The unscripted and authentic campaign is meant to be as authentic as going Live is. Everything is authentic and everthing is also produced by using the promoted product.
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