Happy Election Day!

1:50 PM

Reporting live from New York, excitement and nervousness is in the air...

But on to advertising, of course. Many brands have taken to social media to announce their support for a particular candidate (Supreme with Her, UNIF for Stein) but one brand that has caught special attention is Patagonia - making a political statement without actually endorsing any candidates. Patagonia decided to shut down all its retail locations and its factory in order to encourage employees and shoppers to go to the polls and vote.

It seems like they may have borrowed this idea from their competitors over at REI (#OptOutside, anyone?) but the brand's statement said that this was all to get people to vote for the candidate they thought had the best environmental agenda.

Select Worldly likes it because: 

Anti-consumerist consumerism at its finest. In America, political apathy and voting obstacles (such as Voter ID laws, not getting a day off work so that you cannot afford to line up for hours) are the biggest reasons why people don't turn up to the polls. Love this because I just hope it's the first of many companies to start giving employees Election Day off.

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