Mission Impeccable

8:09 AM

Ted Baker has created a shoppable short spy film - shot by Guy Ritchie - where viewers can interact with the video for a unique, personalised exploration of the brand's autumn/winter 2016 collection in more detail. The film drives people in store where the 'mission' continues; using a smartphone to interact with the shop window will unlock an immediate and exclusive £20 voucher, for example. Check out the trailer or commence your mission!

Select Worldly likes it because: 

This is a terrific example of a brand starting to bring together best practice for luxury brands across a number of domains, taking advantage of major industry trends: a legendary director to produce the highest quality content, a shoppable film because mobile is a key purchase point, a personalised experience unique to the viewer, connecting the virtual and digital worlds. This is joined up thinking in 2016.

Select World Paris.

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