The Scoop #2

1:45 PM

We do the research, you get the Scoop - curated headlines in the worlds of fashion, beauty, marketing and technology.

In this week's edition we look into the latest L'Oréal & Equinox campaigns. We discuss Nordstrom's new "Natural beauty outposts" and what it means for department stores moving forward. Also influencers, chatbots and retail: what's in store for the fashion industry in 2017.  

1- Your skin, your story
The new L’Oréal campaign launched during the Golden Globes last week. With 33 models of all genders, shapes and sizes to match its 33 True Match shades; it’s probably the most diverse beauty ad to date. Learn more here.

2- Natural beauty
Beauty sales are booming overall but department stores are struggling to capitalize on the momentum. To avoid falling behind, those retails giants have been re-inventing their beauty offer, latest in line Nordstrom will now curate “Natural beauty outposts”. Learn more here.

3- Fashion's 2017 
Less influencers, more conversations. Less gimmicks, more insight and data driven decisions… Improvements, changes, what should be expected from the fashion industry in 2017. Learn more here.

4- Equinox 
The luxury gym brand wants you to “Commit to something”. Not interested by communicating about fitness, the brand focuses on identity-defining commitments in its disruptive 2017 campaign. Learn more here.

5- Beauty & Tech 
De Blangy is a new nail polish brand with a twist. Its new technology allows you to change your nails’ color at any time by using cold or hot water. A good example on how tech can enhance our beauty essentials. Learn more here.

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