The Scoop #4

6:21 PM

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In this week's edition we look into a polarizing weekend as the Women's March quickly followed the Inauguration and its implication for brands and fashion publications. We talk about YouTube presence at Sundance, its new ad format and its work championing storytelling. Also, a ballerina dances next to an hologram of her younger self.

1- Women's March
The event became a world-wide phenomenon to advocate for women's and minorities' rights. Fashion publications are navigating between journalism, acting upon their belief systems and standing out from the competition. Learn more here.

2- The Trump Effect
Fashion designers behind the clothes of the new first-lady are facing social media backlash, and fashion publications are being careful walking the line between casual reporting and political commitment. A catalyst for the larger conversation about the importance of brand commitment to politics or core values.  Learn more here.

3- Togetherness 
Expedia's new ad "The Train" tells the tale of a woman traveling the world and immersing herself in a wide range of cultures. There's no such thing as coincidences; aired during a divise Inauguration, the ad is trying to inspire its audience to travel and widen their world's views.  Learn more here.

4- Six Seconds Videos 
YouTube is championing its new six seconds ad format at the Sundance Film Festival. Presented as a way for brands to showcase their understanding of short-form storytelling in a mobile world, it's also a work-around the 5s skip functionality with pre-roll ads.  Learn more here.

5- Ready For More
In the latest No7 ad, a ballerina dances next to an hologram of her younger self - an interesting way to tackle the shift in the beauty industry from pursuing youth to enhancing the beauty of women of all ages.  Learn more here.

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