The Scoop #5

7:05 PM

We do the research, you get the Scoop - curated headlines in the worlds of fashion, beauty, marketing and technology.

In this week's edition we look into what's in store for the Super Bowl on Feb 5th. We talk about how retailers are staging their beauty comeback with millennials using borrowed equity. Also, Dove has an antiperspirant that can boost your WiFi signal, while a start-up wants you to hear and see fragrances instead of smelling them. 

1- Indie Haircare
It's a 10 Haircare will be the first independent haircare brand to be featured at the Super Bowl. The brand bought a 30s spot to announce its expansion towards the male audience. Learn more here.

2- Super Bowl
The most watched American sporting event has always been a battle of creativity between brands. If you don't want to miss anything advertising-related, Adweek is updating an ad tracker.  Learn more here.

3- Alternate Facts
Dove displayed a solid reaction time to our political landscape. The beauty brand poked fun at the new POTUS and created alternate facts for its new antiperspirant. The product could, among other things, find lost socks or boost your WiFi signal. Learn more here.

4- Less Pop-Ups, More Pop-Ins
Retailers are seeing their beauty sales plummet. See how they are staging their comeback viewed through the lens of Nordstrom's effort to appeal to millennials by curating in-store pop-ups for Korean beauty brands.  Learn more here.

5- See & Hear Perfume
Meet Phlur, the startup that has taken on the challenge of selling fragrances online. The website allows you to browse through pictures and songs, selecting the perfume that you relate the most to. Learn more here.

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