The Scoop #1

10:48 AM

We do the research, you get the Scoop - curated headlines in the worlds of fashion, beauty, marketing and technology.

In this week's edition we see how 2016 changed the way we shop. We go over the future of the Internet of Things and what role advertising agencies will be playing in it. And we finish with baby pictures and underwear as Harry's is about to launch its first TV campaign with a new brand video.

1- 'Tis the season to look back on shopping
2016 has changed the way we shop in more ways than one. From how stores envision seasons to how brands communicate with consumers, a look-back at last year's major upheavals. Learn more here.

2- Internet of Things & advertising agencies
The first wave of the Internet of Things was all about wowing the consumers. Now that we can turn on the lights by clapping and have data about it, where do we go? Learn more here.

3- A very Glossy year
Through podcasts and interviews Glossy's team came across interesting statements regarding the luxury and fashion industries. From creative directors thinking Instagram is just "curated BS" to Amazon as the next big luxury retailer, here are the boldest ones. Learn more here.

4- YouTube Labs
L'Oréal has been working with Google to try out YouTube Labs. The collaboration gave birth to video content for brands like Essie, Maybelline and Dark and Lovely. Now that Google is getting into influencer marketing, what does it mean for agencies and influencer networks ? Learn more here.

5- Harry's
2017 is the year of firsts for the razor brand. After signing its first retail deal with Target, Harry's is now about to try TV with a new brand story video. Learn more here.

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