Trouble in paradise

12:58 AM

Agency FCB New Zealand brings attention to domestic violence in a new and clever way. Home magazine is a title publishing in its own words, "lavish spreads of inspiring homes, as well as the latest restaurants, art, furniture and homeware."
The article starts like any other editorial feature, showing a beautiful house and starting to tell the story about the family who lives in. But further on something is different. The pictures from the inside are different. Several small hints, like smears of blood on the wall, a broken table in the living room show that something isn't as it should be in this house.

SelectWorldly likes it because:

People tend to dismiss campaigns like this one because they think that domestic violence only happens in ''certain'' homes.  This campaign shows that it can happen everywhere. It is done in a way that it is not overtly visible, only on a second look - just like most domestic violence as well. It is hidden and tried to kept in the dark, which makes this camoaign even more clever and insightful.
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