Whatever Happened to Bellofficier?

7:07 AM

After the success of last year's murder mystery Who Killed Amazoula?, Christian Louboutin has launched their Spring/Summer 2017 collection with a new puzzle Whatever Happened to Bellofficier? The story follows a trio of friends thrown into a criminal plot as they become unwitting eye witnesses to a murder and consumers are encouraged to discover the truth on the brand's website.

Select Worldly likes it because: 

We hear a lot about the importance of storytelling in modern advertising, but it's not very often that brands present their wares across a real narrative arc. By adding a murder mystery thread that runs through an otherwise typical look book campaign, Christian Louboutin is giving consumers the opportunity to engage with the collection and immerse themselves in the brand world. At Select, we're all dying to know what happened to Bellofficier!

Select World Paris.

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