The Scoop #6

5:28 PM

We do the research, you get the Scoop - curated headlines in the worlds of fashion, beauty, marketing and technology.

In this week's edition we look into how a Danish TV channel managed to stand out when talking about inclusivity and diversity. We talk about Yes To Carrots' rebranding and how the skincare brand kept it simple and efficient when courting millennials. Also, a look back at everything advertising related in last week's Super Bowl game. 

1- It's a 10
Last week we talked about how It's a 10 was about to become the first indie hair care brand to be featured at the Super Bowl. Well, the brand didn't go unnoticed. Focused on inclusivity with a hint of political statement, the ad made a Twitter splash. Learn more here.

2- Super Bowl
Maybe you were too focused on the Patriots' historical come-back or grabbed snacks at the wrong time, fear not, AdWeek rated every single ad that aired during the Super Bowl, curated by quarter.  Learn more here.

3- Yes to Carrots and more
Two years ago Yes to Carrots set the company's objective to double the business by going after millennials. Buzzy natural ingredients, influencer strategy and re-vamped website; the skincare brand keeps it simple and efficient.  Learn more here.

4- Beyond the boxes
Many brands are speaking up for inclusivity and diversity. Too often we end up in situations where it's us versus them, separated by our differences. This Danish ad stands out as it finds a way to show that we already share much more than we thought.  Learn more here.

5- Promoting the Grammy's
The Recording Academy released a video for its Believe in Music campaign centered around Taylor Swift's empowering 2016 speech. The singer's message for women to own their accomplishments is being re-enacted by impassioned young girls that are shown doing just that.  Learn more here.

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