The Scoop #7

4:06 PM

We do the research, you get the Scoop - curated headlines in the worlds of fashion, beauty, marketing and technology.

In this week's edition we look into Equality, the latest Nike ad, and how Amazon is helping out procrastinators for Valentine's Day. We talk about Dia&Co challenging the fashion industry to design with body inclusivity in mind. And take a look at the future of athleisure and what Drew Barrymore thinks of celebrity endorsements. 

1- Equality
The latest - powerful - ad from Nike aired during the Grammys and touts a message of equality. The brand encourages us to take the respect and fairness we see in sports and spread it beyond the field.  Learn more here.

2- Don't say the C-word
Drew Barrymore sat with Glossy to reflect on celebrity endorsements. She talks about her involvement with Flower Beauty and exactly how smart beauty consumers are today. Learn more here.

3- #MoveFashionForward
For the NYFW, Dia&Co challenged fashion designers to come up with plus-size looks. The styling service bought a full page ad in the New York Times to invite fashion brands to keep body inclusivity in mind.  Learn more here.

4- Athleisure
Remember when new brands were created to supply our athleisure cravings? Those brands are expanding with cleaner, more dress-up looks that are really close to... well, normal clothes. We've gone full cycle. Learn more here.

5- V-Day
If Valentine's day crept up on you and you end up giftless, worry not, Amazon has your back. From one-hour flowers delivery to Vallentine's gift lists, the online retailer is offering a range of promotions through its Prime service. Learn more here.

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