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In this week’s edition, we take a look at Nike’s recently announced line of inclusive activewear, as well as Net-a-Porter’s use of Whatsapp for personalized client service. We’ll also travel to Austin, TX to check out SXSW “lodging”. We get a taste of style-by-science with color-changing hair dye, and explore Heinz’ new campaign courtesy of TV’s most celebrated ad man.

1 - Nike 
Taking sport chic inclusion a step forward—and cornering a market that many feel has been too long neglected—Nike announced their 2018 debut of sports hijabs for Muslim women. Read more here.

2 - Pass The Heinz
Life imitates art imitating life with Heinz’ recent greenlighting of Don Draper’s “Pass The Heinz” campaign from “Mad Men”, 50 years after the fictional pitch. Read more, and see Draper’s pitch, here.

3 - The Science of Colorful
What does your hair say about you? With color-changing hair dye that fluctuate based on body temperature (mood rings, anyone?) it’s about to say a lot more. Read about it and see the change here.

4 - Whatsapp Meets Luxury
Net-a-Porter is taking full advantage of Whatsapp as a digital channel and point of contact with consumers, utilizing the highly personal nature of one-on-one texting to connect stylists with buyers. Read more here.

5 - Creative Lodging at SXSW
Last-minute SXSW attendees in need of lodging were in luck! Ad agency Vitro made a free room available, granted the lodger met some base requirements, and found the amenities suitable. Read a full description of theaccommodations here. 

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