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In this week’s edition, we browse an environmentally conscious, and quite beautiful collaboration between hairstylist and photographers, but not before pondering just how effective fashion collaborations continue to be. One women’s rights group asks photo booth patrons to confront a difficult truth, skincare has a sweet new ally, and Pepsi manages the neat trick of uniting the entire Internet in disdain… for Pepsi.

1 - Everybody’s Doing It
How much glamour can you get at Target? And how chic do you need your juice? Designer collaborations in affordable markets make sense, but at what point is the practice passé? Read about the oversaturation here.

2 - One In Four
Domestic violence is too easily hidden, and more common than many people realize. Women’s rights group Terre Des Femmes launched a creative and sobering campaign to shed light on the issue. See their campaign here.

3 - Trendland
Protecting the natural world is always a good look, but it looks particularly gorgeous with the help of hairstylist James Pecis and photographers Paul Wetherell and Ben Budgen. Check out their sublime creationsand project to save our oceans here.

4 - Sweetest Skin
File under “Easter Miracles.” Sakara Life meal service has celebs buzzing over their newest offering: Beauty Chocolates, proven to deliver visibly healthier skin. Read more about the line here.

5 - The Joy of Tone-Deaf
Pepsi has taken a beating, much like a certain United Customer, over the last week because of their tone-deaf commercial featuring Kendall Jenner. Now that the dust has settled, and the memes are tapering off, what can we learn from this misstep in perspective and what can brands take away from this example? Read here

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