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In this week’s edition, we take a look at fast food marketing that manages to harness modern technological trends to great effect, as well as the latest micro-trend in social media fashion. The lastingness of the pop-up model is called up for review, while on the technological front Dove expertly lands an inspired campaign, while IBM uses their significant resources to open doors for would be patrons of the arts.

1 - Brows Of A Feather
Say what you will about this trend, it doesn’t fail to catch the eye. This avian look, inspired by Instagram influencer, has opinions divided and fellow stylists quick to jump on board. Browse the look here. 

2 - The Permanence of Pop-Ups
Though individually ephemeral by design, the continued popularity and growing influence of the pop-up shop as premier retail space implies market longevity rather than a passing trend. Read more here.

3 - An Unexpected Beauty Hack
Dove’s latest campaign to shatter preconceived beauty standards is also their most ambitious: saturating stock photo sites with non-sexualized images of real women to radically change search results. Explore their bold campaign here.

4 - The Voice of Art
IBM has put its considerable technological weight behind the project of making art more accessible to museum patrons in Sao Paulo. Witness a masterful demonstration of IBM’s Watson, dedicated to sharing the joy of art, here.

5 - Food is Fast(er) In The Digital Age
For brands that earn the title “ubiquitous,” finding innovative ways to sell perennial products can be difficult. Not so for Burger King and McDonalds, whose tech-savvy marketing makes for clever and effective spots.

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