Axe Tackles Toxic Masculinity

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With their new campaign "Is it OK for guys to...?" US deodorant brand AXE has the mission to reframe masculinity for a more diverse world. The campaign was motivated by a statistic from gender justice organization "Promundo", which revealed 57% of men have been told how a 'real man' should behave. In comparison to older AXE campaigns, this one refers to the recent trend of individuality. The video shows scenarios based on typical male online searches, highlighting the fears some men have about sharing their anxieties openly. Questions include "Is it OK to not like sport"?" and "Is it OK to wear pink?". Everybody is asked to also share their opinion via a survey on their website and via the #isitokforguys on Some.

Select World likes because:

Blurring gender, androgyny and the role of man and women is a hot topic right now. Axe is picking up the topic of masculinity definition. This is even more important for Axe as they are predominantly focused on heterosexual fantasies in their past campaigns. It was all about the geek getting the girl. Which holds true nowadays as well, but masculinity has gained more accepted facets. This is what the Axe's campaign is all about - the multiple facets of masculinity. The message of the film is, that it is OK and that there is no one - also not media - who can determine what men can or cannot be. Everyone is and has to be individual. Nowadays it is ok to be gay, to be a third gender, to have long hair, to be a virgin, to not play football... We think the campaign is a nice statement!

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