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7:53 AM

Due to the pre-fall collection 2017 the luxury fashion brand Gucci gains attention with a 360° film where you can move in every angle. The centerpiece of the film is a party scene with Gucci-dressed dancers.

Select World likes it because:

With this innovative idea Gucci tries to break through a stereotype of the high fashion world. "Fashion of brands like Gucci are not made for everyday life".  This image comes to mind because of the crazy and over the top fashion shows which are common in the honorable world of fashion. But in reality: who is wearing a mask and who has rainbow colored hair? Almost no one. With this 360° film the fashion is portrayed as more wearable and on the other hand you can still have a lot of fun with the brand. The viewer can fully immerse into the 70ies motown-Harlem-like scene as they were the center of the dancing fun - moving the film and the camera in every possible angle. The film is still freaky and celebrate the freedom of expression - and everybody can be a part of the Gucci world.

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