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The Longhairs is a global community for guys with long hairs and their mission is to advocate, educate and celebrate men with "epic flows" - and also to sell hair ties.
The two founders Healy and Lindsay Barto both started to grow their hair when they figured out, that buying hair ties actually feels quiet embarrassing for men. First because you have to go down the women's haircare aisle and second because they all really are made for women.

"Man, there's a lot of shitty hair ties out here."

So without even having a product to sell, Healey and Lindsay decided to create a community for guys with long hair. The Longhairs now are known for their "Ties for Guys" and get more than 22.000 unique visitors per month, and it has a robust email list and a YouTube channel with almost 12.000 subscribes.

Select World likes because:

The Longhairs community did not only identify a crucial market gap within the male fashion industry but is also a sublime example of creative customer engagement. Well done Longhairs, well done!

To find more about The Longhairs click here or check out The Longhairs YouTube channel

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