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In this week’s edition, IKEA defends its title as a trendsetter, Kylie Jenner puts a glossy face on cosmetics marketing, Estée Lauder offers insight into the changing sea of the fashion industry, and Heineken walks the fine line between socially conscious marketing and exploitation. Meanwhile social media users of the world revel in schadenfreude as the FOMO-inducing exploits of the young and rich devolve into a nightmarish weekend leaving thousands stranded on an island with insufficient food and shelter.

1 - Have Beer, Will Discuss. 
Where better to discuss our differences than over a beer? Some say Heineken’s new ad does socially conscious marketing right, where Pepsi failed spectacularly. Grab a beer, watch the ad and decide for yourself. 

2 - Industrial Evolution 
Survival is of the fittest, but for Estée Lauder’s Jane Hertzmark Hudis, navigating the changing nature of the beauty industry goes beyond survival to shaping the revolution. Read more here.

3 - They Didn’t Start The Fyre
Billed as the ultimate luxury music experience—with a price tag to match the claim—Fyre Festival’s inaugural year did not merely fail to meet expectations, it imploded in practically every imaginable way. Grab your cheese toast and witness the chaos here.

4 - How To Spot A Fake
Don’t settle for a paltry Balenciaga knockoff—there’s only one name in blue multipurpose totes, and it’s IKEA. Compare the authentic Frakta bag with its duplicate, and learn how to identify the real deal here.

5 - Lip Service
The youngest member of social media’s royal family hits a homerun with the branding for Kylie Cosmetics: simple, striking imagery that immediately highlights product benefit. Explore the exclusively online collection here. 

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