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In this week’s edition, employees across all medical fields will soon see an uptick in quality work apparel, a simple red swimsuit turns out to be much more trouble than its makers expected, and Mother’s Day serves as a jumping off point for addressing a sobering reality. We check out how a supermarket’s iconic in-house design style gets the cinematic treatment, and L’Oréal pushes the democratization of beauty in the digital age. 

1 - Community Learning
With their newest endeavor, L’Oréal is revolutionizing how consumers expand makeup expertise. Their online collection of tutorial videos—welove.MAKEUP—makes sharing and learning beauty tips and tricks easy and welcoming. Read more here.

2 - Child Mother’s Day
Leveraging the past weekend’s national holiday, JWT has set out to increase awareness of the sadly common plight of underage mothers and young girls forced into marriage. Their site offers simple options for donating funds to improve lives and counteract this often-unrecognized problem. Read more here.

3 - Elevating Apparel
Necessity appears to be the driving force behind a reinvention in the field of medical apparel. Many top brands have recognized a significant untapped market for quality, comfortable, stylishly designed scrubs, and are creating products to answer the demand. Read more here.

4 - Careless Sharing
If something seems too good to be true, it often is, as Sunny Co Clothing and upwards of 3000 Instagram users recently found out when a digital marketing campaign offering a free swimsuit proved far too successful. Learn more here.

5 - Monoprix
The simple beauty and straightforward design genius of Monoprix packaging serves as the backbone of a charming short film created by ROSAPARK. Watch the video and explore their design work here

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