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In this week’s edition, Axe invites users to question traditional gender norms in a surprisingly sensitive TV spot, Canon inspires photographers everywhere to push past boundaries, and art patrons get the chance to play god with an interactive installation. We also check in with industry professionals as they weigh in on the likelihood of Influencer longevity, and hear from Facebook as they make a bid for luxury brand presence.

1 - The Luxury Network
Facebook held their inaugural Luxury Forum this past week—overseen by the company’s Beauty Industry Leader, Karin Tracy—which served as step forward in uniting the ubiquitous platform with the high-end world of luxury advertising. Read more here.

2 - Live For The Story
Canon’s new spot, “Boundaries,” invites viewers to reconsider the role of photography in their lives, ideally pursuing the medium beyond the limits of what a smartphone camera can deliver. See the spot here.

3 - Is It OK For Guys?
With their latest spot, exploring what’s “ok for guys,” Axe effectively flips the script on a longstanding marketing focus that played mainly to clichéd alpha male stereotypes. Watch the clip and read more here.

4 - Empty Bubble
Glossy Summit attendees weigh in on the perceived Influencer Bubble, which in the wake of debacles like Pepsi’s wannabe socially conscious campaign and Fyre Festival feels close to bursting. Read their thoughts here. 

5 - SUN
Artist Philip Schütte’s new installation gives interactive viewers the chance to hold the sun in their hand, so to speak, as they control its rising and setting in a photorealistic landscape. Read about the piece, and see it in action, here.

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