Orveda: Healthy is the new sexy

6:15 AM

The former worldwide President of L’Oréal (2005-2009), Sue Youcef Nabi, launched her new skin care brand in UK, beginning of July.  The ORVEDA range of 18 new products – the “or” means “origin” while “veda” is inspired by Ayurveda & the philosophy of self-healing – is gender-neutral, all vegan and features formulas focused on restoring skin health, using the tagline ‘healthy is the new sexy.

“Everything the industry has been doing for the last 50 years has been about stripping it of its natural oils, weakening the skin barrier, killing the [mostly good] bacteria that live on it. We’re about working with the skin, not against it”, Nabi explains.

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The skin care market is saturated with miracle creams. Many trends in food and healthy living show that people want self-optimization and natural origin. It's time for new skin care brands that disrupt the beauty industry.

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Posted by Friederike, Hamburg office

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