Kate Moss launches Make Up line

1:45 AM

The British supermodel will be working with Japanese brand Decorté to create the Kate Moss Favorites set available in Saks Fifth Avenue. The set ($190) comprises of silky powder shadows in neutral taupes, browns and one ‘moss’ green. There are also four matte lipsticks in two pinky nudes, one classic red and a mauve.

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Celebrity becoming product and brand creator is nowadays the name of the game. Kate Moss has fronted beauty campaigns from Calvin Klein fragrances to Rimmel Londo, so it is a natural move for her to collaborate with a brand to create her own make up line. She is joining the likes of Victoria Beckham and Estee Lauder who also launched a high end luxury make up line that is limited and very exclusive. This makes the line up more like a collectible, increase its desirability and esclusiveness.  Maybe even starting a hype just like Kanye West and Adidas collab on the Yeezys! Find more on: Cosmetic Business
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