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In this week’s edition, one brand’s new campaign gets maybe too personal with customer information, a fashion label puts its (customer’s) money where its mouth is to great success, and Spotify launches a timely new initiative. German taxi drivers opt for American muscle, and W Magazine strives to marry digital to print in their latest issue.

1 - Beyond The Page
For their September issue, W Magazine invites readers to immerse themselves in additional content, creating an interactive experience with their AR app, Beyond The Page. Read the details here.

2 - Small Spaces
Armed with highly personalized information about their customers’ shopping needs (and permission to use it) Cost Plus World Market launched this clever campaign, but does it get too personal? Decide for yourself here.

3 - I’m With The Banned
To underline the unifying power of music—more important than ever in divided times—Spotify has launched a new initiative, using international collaborations between musicians to build bridges rather than walls. Read about the project and hear the music here.  

Unprecedented and potentially disastrous as it may have been, apparel brand Dstld’s decision to turn to customers to raise capital has paid off handsomely, with tripled revenue and strong continued growth on the horizon.  Read the full story here.

5 – Das Ford
With the threat of Uber looming, one German Taxi company has made an effort to increase business for their drivers by replacing their standard Mercedes with Ford Mustangs, offering passengers a flashier, if not actually higher-octane, ride. See their reactions here

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