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In this week’s edition, Cupertino’s sleekest brand joins the instaworld, one agency conducts a telling experiment in the influencer industry, and the US Military makes strides toward a more inclusive future. Repetto catches eyes with a lively new spot, and high-end consumers looking to satisfy a sweet tooth are in for a gourmet treat.

1 - Sweet Luxury
LA’s sweetest luxury brand, Sugarfina, is set to expand its offering of perfectly instagrammable confectioneries worldwide. Read about the expansion, or browse the boutique candy store’s eye-popping offerings here.

This world speaks ballet in Repetto’s newest spot featuring Marion Gautier de Charnacé and choreographed by Sébastien Bertaud. Watch here.

3 - @apple
Extending their nearly ubiquitous Shot On iPhone campaign to mobile’s most popular photo sharing app, Apple has launched their official Instagram account, highlighting striking work by iPhone photographers. Read more and browse their feed here.

4 - Military Hair
As a result of revised grooming and appearance regulations, many active servicewomen in the US Army are able to embrace their natural and preferred hairstyles—a welcome correction to out of date policies that echoes the widespread embrace of natural hairstyling. Read more here.

5 - Fake It To Make It
Looking to shed some light on the realities of Influencer marketing, agency Mediakix fabricated accounts for nonexistent influencers, complete with thousands of purchased followers, to pursue sponsorships. Read about their process and results here

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