A Weather - Responsive Fashion Ad

6:59 AM

UK supermarket chain Sainsbury's has launched a weather-responsive ad campaign for its clothing collection. Located across the UK at high-traffic locations such as bus stops, the ads are displayed on large digital screens and the images get updated with a look that fits current weather conditions. You can see long-sleeved clothes and outerwear when it is windy or wet, and summery styles, when it is sunny. The concept is a collaborative effort from UK creative agencies PHD, Seven and AMVBBDO, media advertising specialist Talon, and production company Grand Visual.

Select World likes because:

The campaign is part of a rising trend, disregarding traditional ad channels, like TV and newspaper ads. It is created for a digital approach that is responsive and reacting, as well as creating a huge buzz around it. We think that it is a real good and innovative idea to focus on incorporating technology to create multi-sensory experiences for consumers to stand up and take note within a society where so much media and content compete for attention. 

For more information click here or go to Sainsbury's.com.

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