Ikea's most boring Youtube Ads

12:00 AM

Ikea just made the most boring and unfun YouTube TrueView ads, portraying boring everyday activities: a moody teenager doing dishes, two dudes arm wrestling in a bar, two teens try making out and fail, because you just won’t stop watching. The actors here actually beg you to skip because there’s really nothing special to see.

Select World likes it because:

While every brand tries to create YouTube preroll ads that are meant to keep people from wanting to skip them, Ikea went the opposite route: It made interminably long ads (all over 5 mins long!) that celebrate just how boring most people’s lives actually are. Still the work is virtually mesmerizing, just like reality TV is also catching our attention and can create big celebrities (just think the Kardashians).  In a sea of fast content, just do the opposite and be slow.

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