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In this week’s edition, brands take to the road in creative ways, whether meeting consumers in the grind of rush hour or offering them a ride. One notable economy retailer takes steps to bring higher-end fashion offerings into its fold, and online students get a chance to learn all things fashion from an industry insider and leader. Meanwhile, with the year drawing to a close, we get the chance to begin reflecting on trends and leaders in the fashion and makeup industries to see what can be learned from 2017.

1 - Those Who Can, Teach
Online students of fashion will soon have the chance to learn from one of the most recognizable men in the industry, when Marc Jacobs takes up the mantle of teacher. Partnering with MasterClass to offer a course in the craft of fashion, Jacobs hopes to inspire students to “create and express themselves through fashion." Read more about the course here.

2 - Walmart + Luxury = ?
Though synonymous with thrift, monster retailer Walmart hopes to expand their e-commerce footprint to include higher-end fashion, thanks to their recently announced partnership with Lord & Taylor. Read more about how the partnership stands to benefit both brands here.

3 - Definitely Maybelline
There’s no maybe about it, in 2017 Maybelline firmly established its social media savvy, beating out competitors and its own parent company in cross-platform engagement. Read more about the numerous factors contributing to their success, and how they maintain engagement, here.

4 - Activation On The Go
Two ubiquitous brands—McDonalds and Uber—put their own unique spins on advertising-on-the-go with recent activations. Read more about the Golden Arches’ traffic-sensitive billboards, and the “double-decker dinner experience” crafted for the release of the Uber Visa Card.

5 - Millennials Love Storytime
Millennial consumers are credited with 85% of growth in the global luxury goods market, according to the 2017 Bain & Company Luxury Study. The key to luring Millennial consumers? Tailored strategies and telling the brand story at every consumer touchpoint. Explore the report’s findings here.

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