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In this week’s edition, the signs of the new year are all around as London hosts the first fashion week of the 2018, and the commencing awards season offers a chance to celebrate notable great works of 2017 and to speak up against notable atrocities. A burgeoning (finally legal) California industry opens new doors for advertising, a longstanding teen makeup retailer faces legal trouble, and one agency ponders the unifying power of bad advertising.

1 - Starting '18 In Style
The new year of fashion kicks off with London Fashion Week Men's 2018, taking place January 6-8. For the eleventh year, the program will include shows, screenings, and presentations featuring numerous established and rising designers and artists. Preview the program here.

2 - In The Black
While awards season begins this weekend with the Golden Globes, the usual celebration of film and television may be eclipsed by the all-black dress code being adopted as an intentional visible response to the numerous reports of sexual harassment and assault that were made public in 2017. Read more about this movement here.

3 - Conflicting Reports
Popular shopping mall staple Claire's is dealing with public and legal backlash after reports of asbestos in children's makeup lines surfaced. They have recalled the products in question, and issued a statement claiming that their own testing returned negative results, but are still facing a lawsuit by The Deaton Law Firm.  


4 - It's Legal
As California becomes the 6th state in the US to legalize it, MedMen has put a face on recreational marijuana use with an effectively simple & relatable campaign. See examples of the work, featuring everyday users, here.

5 - Make Humanity Great Again
In troubled and divided times, can terrible advertising be worth celebrating if only for its ability to unify all kinds of people in their hate for it? Agency john st. says maybe so, with their clever video—made for Strategy magazine's Agency of the Year event—that reimagines a now-familiar style of advertisement. See the clip here.

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