Bridging the Gender Pay Gap

8:29 AM

The German suit fashion brand Paisley created an all-female currency that's supposed to close the gender pay gap of 21%* for the launch of it's first women's fashion collection.

Select World likes this because:

For a brand that has been selling only male fashion since its founding in 2013 it's surely not easy to gain relevance in a female target group from one moment to the next, but with this stunt they will most probably be off to a good start.
The currency they created can be bought in their flagship store in Hamburg and used to purchase items of their new women's fashion collection for 21% less than the usual price. Besides having actual security marks, the bills are beautifully designed and decorated with some of the most influential women of the past decades, such as the Polish physicist Marie Curie, American aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart and British author Jane Austen.
To show how serious they are about the matter of  equal payment, Paisley is calling other brands to join the movement and work with the currency as well.

More on the topic can be found on the campaign website

*Value for Germany (Source: Federal Office of Statistics, 2017)

Found at: W&V
Posted by: Marie Schreuder, Hamburg office

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