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In this week’s edition, Netflix chills things out with their latest branding move, a lot of vodka makers in Sweden strip down to make a point, and 72 years fly by in a cheerful flash. The LGBTQ community gets the gift of a travel tool as cleverly conceived as it is practical, and beauty retailer Ulta ups a game they were already winning.

1 – A Life In The Years Of
While it was created to celebrate the staggering leap forward in global life expectancy—up from 31 to 71.8 years in the last century—this infectiously pleasant spot by Japanese food brand Glico's, featuring 72 actors in the same role, also serves as a reminder of how fast the years can fly by.

2 – Travel With Pride
Everyone should have the freedom to travel safely, and though the realities of LGBTQ safety (or lack thereof) around the globe can be sobering, FCB/Six and PFlag Canada have launched an inspired project that uses the iconic rainbow pride flag as rubric for measuring LGBTQ-friendly travel destinations.

3 – Access To Luxury
When it comes range of beauty products offered, Ulta already runs a wider bargain-to-high-end gamut than any competitor. Their claim to prestige just got a little more deluxe, with the announcement that a number of their stores will soon debut a selection of products by Chanel Beauty. Read more about the rollout here.

4 – Absolutely Nothing To Hide
Nothing says transparency like aggressive nudity, though in the case of Absolut's employees, the possibly ill-advised doffing of all clothing comes during the production of cheap vodka, rather than after heavy consumption. Watch at your own risk.

5 – If You've Got It, Font It
Netflix is running out of ways to demonstrate ubiquity, and (taking their place alongside the greats) they can now check creation of a bespoke font off that list. Read about their new font, and its claim of saving the brand millions of dollars a year, here.

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