No7 Brings Age-Defying Spirit To Life

8:33 AM

No7 has made an impact recently with the unusual portrayal of beauty, including a spot featuring a female fencer whose face you never see and another one with a stuntwoman crashing through a window. The new ad for No7's range of serums, which help reduce wrinkles, stars four-time world champion surfer Lisa Andersen, who doesn't let her age or gender hold her back from breaking boundaries. Andersen has become a surfing icon while making competitive history as a single mum, and has been introduced to the Surfer's Hall of Fame.

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The film brings her age-defying spirit to life by showing her ascend a mountanous wave before surfing the epic peak. The climb serves as a metaphor for the daily challenges she faces and aims to inspire other women. 

Found at: AdAge, Campaign
Posted by Marie Volquarts, Hambug Office

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