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In this week’s edition, coffee costs an arm and a leg and that's all right, trashbags hit the runway but they're luxury branded so get yours before they're gone, and the would be music makers of the world get a (brief) chance to borrow the handwriting of a few industry legends. Meanwhile, your Bitmoji has a new wardrobe courtesy of Hollister, and hostel living gets a singing endorsement from one of pop's long reigning rulers.

1 – Trashay, You Stay
Balenciaga is, once more, turning heads as they draw runway inspiration from commonplace, disposable materials. In this instance, it comes as a polyethylene (read: trash bag plastic) shirt, retailing for £645 and currently flying off the shelves. Trash or fashion? Decide for yourself here.

2 – E$pre$$o Ricco
A far cry from your local Starbucks, specialty coffeehouse Port of Mokha is raising eyebrows with a $16 cup of coffee. Unconcerned about the inevitable sticker shock, founder Mokhtar Alkhanshali‎ is confident that the price tag is earned, read more about his business plan, and vision for the future of luxury coffee, here.

3 – The Bitmoji Collection
Another week another headline for the ephemeral messaging app that just won't go away. Snapchat has joined with Hollister to market their spring collection via the app's Bitmoji characters, in the hope that the avatars created to mimic users will inspire those users to imitate their characters in return. Read more about the campaign here.

4 – Fashionable Forgery
Designed by two creatives at JWT New York, five fonts based on the handwriting of musical icons such as Kurt Cobain and David Bowie were made available for download and personal, non-branded use. However, shortly after going live, the fonts were removed from their site, citing unspecified intellectual rights issues. Read more about the project, and see examples of the hopefully-soon-to-be-available fonts here.

5 – “Suite” For A Queen
Proving that even the most committed divas can take a minute to laugh at themselves—and that apparently no brand partnership is too bizarre to at least consider—pop icon Mariah Carey debuted as the new face of Hostelworld in their recent, humorous spot. See the short here.

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